A spectacular juxtaposition of vibrant, multi-cultural cities and primordial rainforests, Malaysia is an ever-dynamic mosaic of tropical paradise and urban wonder.

The soaring Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur erupt from a hyper-futuristic cityscape, while orangutans swing through a prehistoric jungle canopy in Teman Negara National Park. Glorious Hindu temples lie a stone’s throw from fragrant Chinese food streets in Penang, and Muslim calls-to-prayer ring through avenues lined with post-colonial architecture in Malacca.

Why choose Malaysia for your MICE needs?

Malaysia is an extremely multicultural society, with only about half of the population being ethnically Malay and the other half made up of Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian and indigenous people. This creates a healthy multicultural environment for events. The highly developed urban areas offer a great range of facilities and infrastructure, while the many national parks provide an opportunity for excursions and team-building.


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Top Places to Host Malaysia Events

Malaysia Events - Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

The bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur is a veritable paradise for anyone seeking urban delights. With delicious food, diverse cultures and impressive architecture, Malaysia’s capital is one of the region’s most modern cities.

Malaysia Events - Penang


The colourful, crumbling facades of Penang’s historic architecture create a unique backdrop for enjoying a steaming bowl of Penang Laksa, while the jovial locals give the place a sense of authenticity that is hard to beat.

Malaysia Events - Malacca


Perhaps one of Malaysia’s most stunning historical cities is Malacca, fittingly located in the heart of the “Historic State”. This long-standing combination of colonial influence gave rise to a beautiful mixture of architecture and culture, though now distinguished by its fierce Malaysian pride.


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