Experience the secrets behind Laos’ mysterious beauty, its historic sights and lesser-explored destinations.

Wander through centuries-old temples in Luang Prabang before carving through river caves in Vang Vieng. Meander along wide, breezy boulevards in Vientiane while soaking up its former colonial charm. Explore the wild and wonderful charms of Indochina’s least-developed country on a journey into the heart of Laos.

Why choose Laos for your MICE needs?

Laos is known for its open and friendly population, as will as its natural beauty. By choosing Laos, you are adding a touch of exoticism to your MICE events. Whether in the laid back atmosphere of the capital Vientiane or among the golden temples of Luang Prabang, Laos is sure to delight visitors and leave a lasting impression.


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Laos Events - Vientiane


Beyond its charming aura, Vientiane is also home to ornate yet rustic architecture, a tasty blend of French flavour infused in its local cuisine and the wonderfully bizarre Buddha Park just outside of the city centre.

Laos Events - Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang

A kaleidoscope of culture, religion and natural beauty, Luang Prabang is perhaps one of Indochina’s most alluring towns. Humming with an uncommonly peaceful and spiritual atmosphere that reaches well beyond its over three-dozen Buddhist temples.


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