Japan is host to one of the most dynamic and forward thinking cultures in Asia. Deeply rooted in tradition, despite wholeheartedly embracing modernity.

Home to serene mountain villages and vibrant megacities alike, Japan is where the world of tradition and hyper-modernity collide. For visitors, Japan is both a destination of spectacular natural scenery and urban wonder. Surrounded by an aura of order and balance, few countries in the world inspire as much awe as Japan.

Why choose Japan for your MICE needs?

The Japanese are known for their efficiency, discipline and excellent service. Japan is an extremely urbanised society and every city has a multitude of venues for hosting events, as well as luxurious hotels and some of the worlds most exclusive restaurants. By choosing Japan, you are also choosing a fascinating culture and history that is sure to inspire participants and encourage them to think outside the box.


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Top Places to Host Japan Events

Japan Events - Tokyo


Japan’s bustling capital offers a perfect combination of ultramodern and traditional Japanese culture. Tokyo has everything to offer from high-tech skyscrapers, beautiful cherry blossom trees and a vibrant food scene.

Japan Events - Osaka


Osaka is located on the main island of Honshu and well known for its modern architecture, energetic nightlife and scintillating street food. The Osaka Castle is its main historical landmark, surrounded by a serene Japanese garden

Japan Events - Kyoto


The former capital of Japan, Kyoto is the country’s seventh largest city. Steeped in history, Kyoto is known for its stunning beauty, classical temples, gardens, imperial palaces and traditional theater.


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