A dizzying mosaic of culture, tradition and some of the most arresting scenic beauty in the entire world, Indonesia has something for everyone and is an extraordinary place to visit

Amid growling volcanoes, primordial jungles and stunning palm-fringed beaches lies some of Asia’s most fascinating heritage and history – and with it, the promise of a journey unlike anywhere else on earth.

Why choose Indonesia for your MICE needs?

Indonesia is rapidly becoming one of the biggest MICE destinations in the world. Jakarta offers facilities and services of a very high standard and Bali provides top of the range accommodation and entertainment. Participants have access to bustling cities, exciting rainforests and relaxing beaches. With such a wide range of activities to choose from, your Indonesia event is sure to be a success.


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Top Places to Host Indonesia Events

Indonesia Events - Bali


With its lush greenery, crystal-clear water, unique culture, and friendly people, Bali is the quintessential “tropical paradise” and rightfully near the top of almost every traveler’s to-do list.

Indonesia Events - Java


Beyond the island’s unique and populous cities, lie countless of compelling places to visit. Explore ancient ruins or discover the wild beauty of tropical rainforests.


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