Home to the longest continuous history of any country in the world, China is a mesmerizing blend of the ancient and the contemporary.

Millennium-old temples rub shoulders with futuristic skyscrapers, and traditions deeply rooted in dynastic philosophy play a starring role in the country’s ambitious sprint into the 21st Century. Perplexing, frenetic but endlessly compelling, China is a spectacular destination that embodies the energy and adventure of Asia

Why choose China for your MICE needs?

The Chinese have long considered China to be the center of the world, and never has this been closer to the truth than today. China is at the center of the business, manufacturing, research and political world, so choosing a city like Beijing or Shanghai for your event, means that you will always be close to where the action is. Besides cutting-edge facilities and services, most Chinese cities offer a wide range of entertainment and a chance for participants to be inspired by the rich and multifaceted history of China.


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Top Places to Host China Events

China Events - Beijing


Not only is Beijing immense, bustling and modern, the current political capital is entrenched in history. Home to the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, the Old Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square and a convenient access point to the Great Wall, the city is a must for any traveller.

China Events - Shanghai


Shanghai boasts a legacy as an influential trading hub, making its architecture a distinctive fusion of the East and West. It became the most prosperous city in East Asia during the 1920s, and was known as a destination for luxury and extravagance.

China Events - Guilin


Limestone karsts, lakes and rivers abound in the beautiful city of Guilin. Surrounded by a majestic landscape, the area is filled with scenic views, one of which is even featured on the ¥ 20 bill.

China Events - Xi'An


The Silk Road begins in this ancient imperial city, past capital and home to 13 dynasties of the Chinese empire. Visit the famous Terracotta Warriors, guarding the ancient tomb of the first Qin Emperor.


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