Explore the people, architecture, history and cultures that makes Myanmar unique.

Wander vast landscapes dotted with ancient temples, visit vibrant cities that still swell with colonial charm and experience the uncommon warmth of the locals. In Asia’s most enduringly idyllic nation, rediscover the thrill and colour of true adventure.

Why choose Myanmar for your MICE needs?

Myanmar is a relatively new destination for MICE and offers many opportunities for creating unforgettable events. The rich and unique culture of Myanmar, combined with its natural beauty, means that it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


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Top Places to Host Myanmar Events

Myanmar (Burma) Events


No longer the capital, this distinctive city is still a must-see in Burma. With fading colonial architecture, vibrant streets, historical sites, temples and mosques, Yangon offers a spectacular taste of urban life in otherwise sleepy Burma.

Myanmar (Burma) Events


The last royal capital of Mandalay lies in the shadow of Mandalay Hill. With the reconstructed Royal palace at its centre surrounded by a large moat, it is encompassed by the ancient capitals of Amarapura, Sagaing and the ‘leaning tower of Ava’ in Inwa.


One of the most breathtaking sights is sunset over the thousands of ancient pagodas of Baga. The city offers a glimpse into the ancient world of the once bustling Silk Road between India and China under the Kingdom of Pagan.


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